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Children’s International Summer Villages or CISV is an educational organization run almost entirely by volunteers. It is an independent, non-political, not for profit organization and has participatory status with Council of Europe. CISV is also recognized as an NGO in operational relations with UNESCO. It is a youth organization offering intercultural programmes for different age groups, starting from the age of 11. CISV promotes peace education and cross-cultural friendship and its programmes and activities are based on years of research and firm educational principles of:

  • Diversity: Explores the identity of the individual and asks us to consider ourselves within our own and the wider community.
  • Human Rights: Considers how Human Rights affect every aspect of our lives and how violations can lie at the root of problems such as poverty, violence and lawlessness.
  • Conflict and Resolution: Helps us understand how conflicts can arise, deliberately or otherwise, and what can be done to help bring peaceful resolution.
  • Sustainable Development: Looks for integrated ways to promote economic and social well-being, while protecting the environment through the responsible use of natural resources.

What does CISV do?

  • Provides a range of unique, educational group activities, which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world.
  • Contributes to research in international relations and conflict resolution
  • Cooperates with like-minded organizations
  • Inspires people of all ages to strive for a more just and peaceful world.

A range of CISV International programmes suitable for different age groups are available:

  • Village (11 years)
  • Interchange (12 - 15)
  • Step Up (14 - 15)
  • Seminar Camp (17 - 18)
  • International Youth Meeting (12 - 19+)
  • International People’s Project (19+)

Local programmes in the community to involve people of all ages

  • Mosiac (all ages)
  • Junior Branch (11 - 25)

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